Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hagan update!

Last night was a rough one for Hagan.

Surgically speaking he is doing well. 
He is in a lot of pain, 
but doing well. 

The position we are in now is that 
the narcotics that he is on,
relax him so much that his sleep apnea is hard to control.
Last night he was on a CPAP 
and then graduated to a BiPAP. 

Today they are going to change his meds 
and cancel the narcotics -
praying that the only thing he will need is the oxygen
like we have at home. 

Our sweet, sweet nurse is getting our paperwork
ready as I type to get us moved back to a regular floor. 
It'll probably be a few more hours but
we are happy, 
and hoping this is one step closer to a good recovery and home. 

We also had an OT and PT stop by today to work with Hagan.
He did so well, sitting up by himself. 
They will be getting him up later in the day to walk a bit.

Thank y'all so much for your prayers,
texts, calls, visits, meals, and babysitting!
We have been overwhelmed with the love that y'all have shared with  
Hagan, myself and our entire family! 
Thank you sooooo very much!!


Anonymous said...

We are still praying and praising the Lord for answered prayers on your behalf. You all remind me of that old old hymn "My Anchor Holds"! Keep looking up!

Anonymous said...

We weren't able to visit or do a meal this time around, but we so prayed and are still praying for a great recovery!!
-Beka =)


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