Friday, June 21, 2013

not just bloggy friends anymore!!

Yesterday we were able to meet up with 
two beautiful families!

Shonni and Steve have 13 children
 (12 at home - their oldest son is married)

We met Shonni and her kids a few years ago,
but it's been just too long between visits!

It was so wonderful to see them again!

Our kids got a long wonderfully,
Shonni's kids showed our kids all around their beautiful home,
and showed us all their pets,
took us on rides on their go-cart,
let us ride their bikes...
and they even taught our kids the sport of archery! 

When we left Shonni's,
we headed back over to our friends, Yvette's crew...

We first visited them on Monday 
and both families couldn't get enough of each other. 

So, they invited us back to play. 

Don't Hagan and Fie-Fie make a cute couple? 

(Griggs was with us - 
but he had just fallen and was not a happy camper  -
so he missed the photo shoot.)

Thank you sooo much to these beautiful families for taking the time
to see us while we were in town!
Y'all are such an encouragement to us!

Later in the evening,
we were able to meet up with Donovan and Elijah's buddy from Ethiopia.
We didn't get photos -
the boys were having way too much fun! 
But, we will see them again on Sunday 
and Zebdious promised that we could take a photo then. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! Sounds like some awesome fellowship!
-Beka =)

Sherri said...

Very cute couple indeed! Beautiful children. What a blessing to have friends and to meet up with them.

Shonni said...

We loved seeing you. Thank you for coming out to see us!

connie said...

Oh my goodness, I love Shonni and Yvette (though I have never met them)!!!! And I love you too, sister! I can't imagine the huge blessing this was! Thank you for sharing!


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