Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hagan update...

First of all I want to thank y'all for all your prayers
for our sweet Hagan! 

I wanted to update y'all on our Dr. reports -

Before our trip to Colorado Hagan had an MRA 
concerning his carotid artery  -
and though it is attached to his tonsil -
it looks like there are no problems.
Our doc was worried about an aneurysm,
but all looks good - 
he just wont be having his tonsils out.

Last night Hagan and I spent the night at a sleep study institute. 

He did so well!! 

He was very curious about all the wires and what the machines did. 
We played a few games and then got settled in for the night.
He was a bit scared, 
but finally fell asleep ...

seems every time Hagan hits REM sleep 
his oxygen levels continued to drop to 40% and lower -
so the tech brought in the oxygen tank. 

So, we will wait to hear more from our ENT
for the next game plan.

thank you for your prayers! 
And for those who say on fb - Griggs is feeling better too.
He still has the rash but fever is gone 
and he is acting more like his smiley self! 


Sharon said...

Seeing the sleep study picture brings back so many memories from our 2nd son's first 2 years. Praying that they can figure out how to help out the o2 levels during the REM sleep.

Shay Ankerich said...

Thankful for a good report and SO hope it continues for your sweet baby! Blessings and love!


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