Friday, April 26, 2013

y'all hate me!

Thank you so much for helping me with ideas for our 
kids playroom! 
I really appreciate it -

but friends,


I thought y'all liked me.

Chalkboard paint?

Y'all hate me!

Do y'all not know my family?

One little boy of ours, not to mention any names Elijah would be covered
head to toe in chalk dust,
and then would proceed to cover everyone else!
Ohhh it would not be pretty! 

So sorry!
This old momma says "NO to chalkboard paint".

Also, though I would love to open up the windows in the room -
one child (ummm same unnamed child) 
has found it fun to open the windows,
kick out the screen and go outside.
This is the main reason for the shelving in front of the windows. :) 
sorry - should have mentioned that early!
We also live in Texas and that room gets stinkin' hot
in the summer.
And though I would love to allow them to have their crafts in
the playroom - this will not be happening either -
some of my children (hmmmmm I wonder who) 
still enjoys writing on everything BUT paper. :)

We've had done bean bags and oversized pillows-
and though some kids loved them -
others do not know how to regulate themselves 
and not resist the urge to throw, 
cut, and mutilate. 

Ohhh it can be a fun house! :)
Maybe a padded room would work best! 
(maybe a padded room for mom - ohhhhh,
 I like that idea!)

 Keep the ideas coming! 

I love the map idea Faith! 

and Laura can't wait to see the photo of your idea -
I'm a visual learner,
and a bit brain dead! 

I did go to Ikea yesterday and bought their wire art display thingy! 
I can't wait to put their art work up! 
They will love it too!


Kelly said...

how about dry erase paint? They have that now too.

Susan O said...

I think that would fall under the "still loves to write on anything but paper" category!


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