Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ideas please!!!

I need help from y'all!

Serious help!

Y'all see school is out for the summer in 34 days! 
(not counting busy weekends)

That means my lovely darlings will be home ALL day!

 I need to organize and brace myself and 
my home for the invasion! 

I really need to re-vamp the playroom and the boys room.
But I will start with the playroom. 

This is what I have now...

I haven't updated it since before Donovan and Elijah came home.
Jorja and Jailyn's girlie stuff needs to be moved to their room. 

it's okay -
but it's not fun! 
and not personalized! 
I need to personalize it for them.

We need to have the hooks on the walls for school backpacks 
and for pool towels this summer.
(one hook missing - need to be fixed, and need to add two hooks
around the corner)

I also love the idea of displaying children's birth times 
and having a clock for each child's specific time of birth -
but since I don't have that information on our 6 littles,
nor do I know the exact time of the day we first met our 6 littles -
it doesn't really work...
any ideas?

I did transform this in the kitchen -
it was easy to transform -

nothing fancy...

and makes momma feel a little more grown up 
while the kids play. 
Thank you friends! 
Any creative ideas y'all could share with me would be very welcome!


godlyrose said...

Hi! I am Faith's friend and she introduced me to your site. I would first and foremost purge out the two rooms- one at a time definitely :) then, move your square shelving system from the window wall to the larger wall. Where it would break up the wall for you and leave the window area free for smaller individual units. Can't wait to see your finished room!!!!

Becky Ryder said...

Fun! I'd say to have a main focal point wall, like the big wall and paint it a different boy/girl neutral color that's bold or brighter than the other 3 walls. You can divide the room up with boy toys one side and girl toys on other (though my boys love the kitchen set and some of their sister's toys:)) can you move the bigger cube unit to the wall opposite the windows and then open up the windows for light? I think valances would make room feel bigger. You can also put long curtains on each side of window so they can be closed for privacy but slid back for light. i hear long curtains add height to room giving it the bigger look too. kinda what you have already. On the main focal point wall, you can make custom pictures for each kiddo with name, name meaning, and DOB and maybe add their birth/cultural name (if you kept that part of their name). I took a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper and then using another matching paper, cut out their birth county shape and then used the foam sticker tape to attach country shape to paper(makes country pop out a bit). At the paper corners, I took fancy grommets or hardware and decorated it simple. I put each country in a scrapbook page frame (it's deeper than a regular picture frame so the stickers don't get squished) and hung them next to each other. Simple, cheap but so cute:) To fancy up the hooks, you can paint or stain a piece of wood and attach that to wall first. Helps the hooks pop out and keeps the coats/towels from staying on wall. Just a few suggestions! Post some completed pics!!

Jolene said...

Looking forward to hearing the suggestions!


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