Friday, March 1, 2013

Up, Up and Away!

One would have thought our boys had flown before!

They both did so well on the plane!   

Griggs was not too happy about take-off,
but sweetly feel asleep in momma's arms. 

And Hagan, being his silly self, 
laughed and laughed!

During some turbulence he grabbed my arm
and had a terrified look on his face -
then looked at me and started to giggle. 
Crazy boy was teasing!
He is such a ham!

Today we head to medical.
Which means vaccinations and TB tests - yuck!
Please pray for our boys!

Also, Hagan's congestion is getting a bit better -
but we are hearing what could be sleep apnea.
We're not sure how well he is sleeping,
and we know that Momma isn't sleeping as I 
continually make sure he is still breathing. 

All and all we are so glad to be in Guangzhou!
We were met at the hotel by sweet Rebecca and Lily whom we
have been friends with for 6 years now. 
They have helped us bring home all of our Chinese babies 
and we are sooo grateful to them!
(and they are fun too!)

 Kiddos at home,
we miss y'all so much! 
We showed Hagan y'all's photos yesterday -
and played the matching game with the photo cards!
He was doing really well! 
He is trying really hard to learn y'all's names! 

Have fun this weekend! 
give Mimi and Uncle JB a big hug for me!
 We love y'all!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you can have the vaccines waived if he's sick, getting them when you're feeling under-the-weather is awful.

Kathy said...

I am on cuteness overload and loving it!!!
So happy they did well on the flight!


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