Saturday, March 2, 2013


And once again our boys did great!
They handled the time at the medical office 
like the champs that they are!

Griggs ran around giggling and entertaining everyone.

And Hagan generally sat quietly 
playing with the pipe cleaners.

He began making numbers with them!


And Dad made an airplane -
that Hagan and mom thought looked more like a sword -

that turned into a gun.

He is such a 5 year old boy!

They both did great through the exams -

they didn't really enjoy the TB blood test too much -

but were back to them selves quickly!

Thank you for your prayers!
(and new rule in January - 
no vaccinations -
we just had to sign a paper promising that we would have
our children vaccinated when we get home! 


Anonymous said...

Yah for no vaccines!!
-Beka =)

Kim K. said...

What brave boys! Yippee on being able to postpone those vaccinations.


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