Friday, March 15, 2013

The least of these

I have to share with y'all a story that happened in China. 
It may end up being kinda long -
but you'll want to stick around to the end. 
I know I'm glad I did.

Our last full evening in China we went to dinner
with a few other adoptive families 

As we were walking to the restaurant, 
we passed a homeless man in the middle of the sidewalk.
This man broke me,
 it was so hard to just walk by
and not do anything. 
But, we did.

We went to dinner,
 had a nice time with our new friends.
As we walked back to the hotel,
a few of our guys decided to stop at the local 7-11 
to get a few goodies.
Since there were only stairs available to get into the 7-11,
the women and kids with strollers stayed outside
on the busy street. 

As we waited and we chatted,
 I noticed another homeless person headed our way.
And to be honest, 
I was nervous.
I had nothing for him. 
I felt horrible. 

This man, could not walk,
he used his arms and hands like his legs
because his legs were mangled.
He wore flip-flops on his hands,
his fingers were long and thin,
he had 6 fingers on one hand and very long finger nails.

But, even more -
he had the biggest smile I had ever seen.
He had gentle eyes and tried to talk to us.
Seeing that my Mandarin consists of "Ni Hao" ("hello")
and "Zaijian" ("goodbye")
I said "Ni Hao"
and he smiled.
Hagan sat in his stroller and was intrigued by the man.
I tried to get Hagan to say "Ni Hao" 
the man talked to Hagan and Hagan smiled. 

I really wished I had something for this man.
We felt so bad but honestly we began to feel uncomfortable
and anxiously awaited our men to come out of the store.

As our men began to come out,
they realized our situation. 
Out from the store came one of our travel mates and his
7 year old biological daughter.
She was holding a big bottle of water. 

She walked right up to this beautiful man and handed him
the bottle of water,
and her father gave him some money.

The man looked into the girls eyes, nodded his head
and thanked her.

Tears filled my eyes.
This sweet, beautiful, seven year old,
purposely went into the 7-11 with her father to purchase 
the water bottle for this man. 

Us adults were in China caring for the least of these,
but it took a beautiful seven year old 
little girl to truly show us 
how to care for the least of these. 

Thank you A for opening my eyes!


Yvette said...

Ah tears in my eyes!

A is for Audrey said...

it's mariana. i love your blog! hagen and griggs look like they're doing great. we are doing well...still adjusting. hudson's having a really hard time sleeping.
it seems like so long ago when we all went out for dinner that night, and yet, just like yesterday. hope all is well!


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