Monday, March 18, 2013

booted out...

Our little Elijah has been booted out of the position of
baby of the family.

 And though this is always hard,
he is doing better then we imagined. 

Though there are few places in which we regress in -
such as, 
he asked for a bottle like baby brother, for his birthday!

and he definitely sits and cuddles with mommy more 
then usual -
but I'll totally take that any day!

We saved a few big kid privileges for him.

One thing he has been wanting to do is to 
take a shower.
Rather than taking a bath!

And boy did he like this treat! 

Though we still need to keep an eagle eye on him.

And the next person in the shower has to watch their step
as there is  a lot of soap on the shower floor!

We also signed Elijah up for soccer this season!

And he couldn't have been more excited
for his first game! 

Way to go Elijah!
You are such a good big brother!

And the note he gave me this weekend,
melts my heart.

It says "I love you Momma"


Anonymous said...

LOVE the shower picture, too ca-ute!!
-Beka =)

Moma said...

L-O-V-E What a sweet boy!

Jay said...

That boy in the shower scares me just a wee bit! He does like the water!

Sherri said...

I too love that shower photo, what a sweet little boy.


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