Sunday, March 3, 2013

Really? That good?

I know that some of y'all are wondering...
and some of y'all have even asked...

"Really? Are things really going this well?"

Well, to answer your questions...


There are moments of course,
but really, they are moments.

We have had disagreements,
and challenging of the wills -
but nothing too rough.

Hagan doesn't like when we call him on his table manners -
but when he realizes that we are serious -
he learns and tries to re-think his old habits.

Yesterday, while Bryan napped I braved taking the boys out by myself,
without a stroller.
We rode two elevators and walked to the other side of the
HUGE hotel lobby to another elevator and
to the playroom -
I tried to get them to hold hands but Griggs was not going to
have anything to do with that.

It may not seem like much but Hagan is much faster then Griggsy :)
When I asked him to wait he came back and walked with us!
Soooo proud of him!

Hagan got his first time-out yesterday in the playroom
He handled it like a champ!

(Hagan's silly face)

Griggs is a copy-cat and does what Hagan does,
though if we have to tell Hagan "No"
Griggs keeps going and pushes the limits.

Thankfully he is 2 years old and is easily distracted and looses focus
and goes on to the next thing.

(Griggs copying Hagan's 'silly face)

When we are out and about they are pretty shy,
they are learning to warm up to our travel group.

Hagan is learning sign language really well,
he knows,
"all done"

Griggs' signing is too cute!
he knows

They are two SUPER, HAPPY smart boys!
(some day I will get a photo of them together -
right now their just goofy and they tickled each other
if we sit them together for a photo!

see, not the photo I was hoping for -
but ohhh how fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They are just unbelievably precious! Each post is so smile-inducing :-)
Though I don't know how in the world you're ever going to discipline those two when they grin and giggle at you! Ha!

Looks like God brought you a super dynamic duo, who do so great together, and will keep your lives from ever being dull (though it didn't seem like they were anyway, even less so! Ha!)

Prayers that the great times continue and the boys continue to thrive! Thanks for sharing them with us!


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