Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Monkies visit the Zoo

This morning we were able to see our 
agency coordinators who helped us get to our precious boys! 
Karla and Mallory are here on a Medical Mission trip -
visiting three orphanages.
One of the orphanages is Jorja's -
I sooooo wanted to go with them! 

Instead, we set out with our group to the city Zoo.
It was a beautiful, sunny day -
a great day for walking and strolling!

Griggsy got a haircut! 

The boys saw that I had my camera and stopped 
for me to take their photos!
Aren't they just perfect!

 Traditional spot for a Zoo family photo

Our little monkey imitating the sleeping bear. 

Hagan being his silly self! 

Tonight we are heading to the traditional Pearl River Cruise. 
I'm sure our silly boys will LOVE this!

And guess what?
2 more sleeps and we will be on our way home!
That's right! 
2 more sleeps! 
We have a night flight on Wednesday -
so it doesn't count as a sleep!
We are sooo excited to get our boys home 
and be home with the entire family! 


Kim K. said...

Continued blessings!!!

Sherri said...

Wow 2 more sleeps? Your trip flew by it seems. Looking forward to seeing your family together.


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