Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Horse play!

Yesterday our friend, and favorite teacher of all time,
and her beautiful daughter,
came by to meet our boys. 

She brought all the littles art projects -
she is our elementary art teacher!
They all sat at the table and began coloring!

I love how Mrs. Smith takes time with each of my kids!

Then Donovan asked if we could see her horse.

"Well, sure!"

So, off we went!

Shannon taught us how to care for her horse.

We got to pet the new puppies!

And then we rode...

and rode...

and rode...

"What does a Chinese Cowgirl say?"

"Ni Haaaoooo!!!"
(Jailyn's joke)

What a great day at JC Stables!
Us city folk sure love to visit the country! 


Shonni said...

It looks like so much fun!!!! Your children are so adorable, and I love seeing your newest little guys.

Kalei and Co. said...


What an inspiration you and your beautiful family are to me!!! I love the pictures and can't wait to meet your newest members of the family. Lots of love and aloha! Ms. B.

The pics of Donovan on the horse are priceless!!!!


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