Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally some photos!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get some photos up.

It's been a long few days! 
As, I mentioned before we came home to Jailyn sick
on Thursday.
On Friday, Kenzie came home sick.
Saturday, Jorja was sick.
Sunday, I am sick. 
(Brady was sick before we got home)

So, between giving all my kiddos extra attention and
taking time to hear all their stories,
 comforting Hagan and Griggs,
 caring for my sickies,
up at night with little boys who are still on China time,
weather being "icky" so we're stuck inside,
trying to unpack 
and do laundry...
 we haven't taken many photos.

Other than all that - 
things are going really well. 

Hagan and Griggs are opening up to everyone and showing
them the personalities that we saw while in China.

Tonight, after dinner we were sitting at the table chatting,
drawing and making paper airplanes,
 Hagan began singing.
He LOVES to sing!

As the kids cheered him on - 
he laughed and sang louder and louder! 

Jailyn made the boys their super hero masks to 
go with their shirts! 

They loved them!

Tomorrow we say good-bye to Mimi,
as she goes back to Colorado.
We are so thankful for her and Uncle JB for coming to help 
with the kids while we were gone!


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks great & love that all are getting along so well! Great seeing Aunt Bev!! Hi from Faith & Roger Koch in FL! Sorry you're all sick - maybe God is saying "Hey, you guys, REST!!!!".
<3 :)

Kim K. said...

Beautiful pictures. Take care of yourselves. I'm sorry your family has been under the weather.

Anonymous said...

Even during sickness, your family is awesome! You do know that right?! Ha, I know you know it! When I see the little faces I just imagine how happy our Father is seeing your beautiful family! Precious souls all living and growing together, through thick and thin, all under one roof. God's put you all together so perfectly! I can picture him smiling at the beauty of your family.
-Beka =)


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