Saturday, February 2, 2013


Some people just amaze me! 

This amazing lady has begun a way for adoptive parents to 
fundraise for all the crazy fee's that
are needed to bring their precious kiddos home.

We were introduced by a mutual friend 
and look what Dalas came up with to 
help us, complete strangers,
to raise the last of our funds...

The Game

Let’s play some Fund Ball!  Here’s how our Fund Bowl is going down…
To win Fund Ball, you have to guess the final total score of the Super Bowl game being played on Sunday night.  The guess that is closest to the actual final score wins!
Here’s the FUNd twist!  You must earn points to wager a guess.  To earn points – donate to a “player” (AKA: one of our benefiting families!)  For every dollar in donations you give you will receive one point to use in your guesses.
Spreading the love earns you more points!  If you donate at least $6 to each family you score a TOUCHDOWN and we will double your points!  If you share on Facebook or Twitter you will get an EXTRA POINT – or one point each!  If you blog about our Fund Bowl you will earn a FIELD GOAL – or 3 extra points!
But remember, unlike Football, the person with the most points does not necessarily win Fund Ball!  Your goal is to correctly guess the final total score of Sunday night’s game.  You can make as many or as few guesses as you want!  But you can only guess as many points as you have earned.  I will give you an example and then – get ready to play!!
If I donated $10 to each family I would get 20 points for $20 of donations.  If I also blog and share on Facebook, that’s an extra 4 points.  I now have 24 points total PLUS I scored a touchdown by giving to both families.  My points are doubled to 48!  I can use my points to make one guess of 48 OR I can make two guesses of 24 OR I can make a guess of 18, a guess of 10 and a guess of 20.  As long as all my guesses together are equal or less than my points earned, it’s fair game!
FOR OUR FOOTBALL CHALLENGED PLAYERS:  You can play too!  To put you on par with our other guests, here are some things to keep in mind:
- the Super Bowl is the championship game of the “American Football” game.

– The lowest possible combined total score is 2-0 or 2 points.
– The average total score of Super Bowl games in the last ten years is 45 points.
– The highest scoring Super Bowl in history was 75 points.

Go check it out -and make your Superbowl bet!
Entry must be made prior to kickoff Sunday evening at 6:30pm!

Thank you Dalas for helping us!

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