Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gotcha Anniversary!!!

6 years ago today we held Jailyn for the very first time!

She stole our hearts 

and wrapped us around her little pinky then

and she still has a hold on us!

This is what her school teacher emailed me the other 
day when Jailyn was having some 
issues with kids commenting her flat nose.
(there is more to her email but thought I would share
this part.)

"Jailyn of ALL people can shine in this;
she is an amazingly strong, 
gifted little girl.
She will spend a lifetime
being admired by others."
I agree -
Jailyn is already an inspiration to others! 
Her smile lights up a room!
We are so very thankful God asked us to be 
her parents!


Sharon said...

What a beautiful note about your little girl!

Kim K. said...

Happy Anniversary! Continued blessings!!!


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