Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Giggles! Giggles! Giggles!!!

I am soooo sorry that it has taken me so long to update! 
Believe me we have tried - but our internet is not  being very cooperative! 

Tuesday was a beautiful day! 
The boys woke on their own with giggles and more giggles!
While getting Hagan dressed - he leaned into me and gave me kisses on the cheek 
three. separate. times.  
Ohhh be still my heart!

Griggs had been playing a game when I kiss his cheek - he wipes it away and laughs -
so I give him another and he does the same and laughs all the more. 
Today he began giving me kisses on the cheek - I think he wants me to play his game -
but I just can't brush his kisses away! They are too precious!  So, we just giggle!

We went back to the Civil Affairs office where we signed and fingerprinted 
along with six or seven other families. 
We stood around the room in a circle as the officials pronounced every 
child and orphan no more, but a chosen child. 

Our boys are now OFFICIALLY Hagan Scott Anderson and Griggs Everett Anderson!
Thank you Jesus!

We were able to spend some down time this afternoon napping and playing
in our room.  I love this time to just get to know our boys.

They are so silly!  
We were playing with pom-pom balls and after sorting and gently placing them in 
stacking cups - the little boy came out in Hagan!  He is 5 ya' know. 
He began dumping them on his head, and on my head, and then we decided to 
throw the balls.  
This little guy is too funny… momma just threw the ball - but Hagan… he has the cutest little wind up and then releases the ball! 
It must run in the family, eh Uncle Jay and Silas?

Griggsy is just too precious! He is itty-bitty but full of personality.
The other night, at dinner, we were giggle and giggling -
and of course, Momma began snorting.   
Well, Griggs thought that was the funniest thing e.v.e.r.  - guess who snorts along with momma!

Both boys have taken to Baba and Momma, though Hagan prefers to be with Baba outside of the room,
and Griggs prefers to be with Momma - makes things easier for sure!

I am so thankful that I brought bottles and formula for Griggs. 
He LOVES this time with momma - cuddling and being wrapped up in my arms.
He loves the carrier we brought and is content to stay in it all day! 
And I am happy to carry him! 

The boys are such "brothers".  They have their own little games and such and complain to each other when one wants a toy that the other has - but they are genuinely sweet on each other.  Anytime Hagan sees any part of skin showing on Griggs (other then his hand), he can't help but tickle him!  Too cute! and Griggs loves it!

They are already learning English. These boys are so smart! 
On Monday after we met and received them, Bryan had some snacks for Hagan.  When Hagan grabbed for more he showed him how to ask for more in sign language.  The next time Hagan wanted a snack he, on his own, signed "more"!  WOW!!!!! We were shocked!
Now both boys are signing "more please"!
Last night at dinner, Hagan was done eating so he tried to get out of his seat - we signed "sit" to him (as we had earlier in the day) - he responded, "sit more".  :)  Yep, buddy "sit more" Baba is a slow eater. Haha!

Griggs also brought me a toy and asked, "help".  And when I gave it back to him he said, "Thank you".  Bryan and I are in shock! (might be beginners luck - but we are glad they are trying and mimicking us.)

They have also decided that "high five's" are cool!  Since we don't know how to say "good job" or "good boy" in Mandarin - we decided a high five would show our pleasure - and they love it! 

Thank you for your continued prayers! 
Today we have a leisurely day - hanging out and then going to the local zoo. 
Tomorrow we visit the orphanage.  After seeing how they reacted to the Orphanage official that we saw today - this could be a hard visit for them - but praying it will give them closure and will build trust that we will not leave them.
On Friday evening we head to Guangzhou!  We are that much closer to being home!

We miss you kiddos!!!!!!  and am praying for you constantly! Be sweet!  We'll be home soon!


Sharon said...

So. much. fun. to. read.!!
I was wondering about the language and then you answered that. Glad giggles and laughs are the same in any language!

Shonni said...

Oh my gosh, they are the most adorable things! I am sure that you are giving them tons of hugs and kisses; how could you resist that much cuteness!

Sherri said...

Thank you for the update. Congrats on both of them and I'm so happy that they seem to be loving their parents.

Liz said...

love the update!!! I'm so happy things are going well and prayers that they continue! if you can....get pictures of legs and feet so I can see how they look!

can't wait for more on them!

Christen Nix said...

This just made my day! I am so happy for you guys and cannot wait to meet those sweet boys!

DaysinFrisco said...

So precious!! I am smiling ear to ear knowing that all your obedience and faithfulness this last year has led you to that hotel room with two amazing sons! God will continue to bless your trip and keep your family back home safe. I am so excited to meet both of them. Enjoy - you both deserve all those kisses and giggles you are getting :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh they are too stinkin' cute! And praise God things are going so well so far! Praying that continues and they continue to bond well with you guys and God just continues to knit your hearts together and they continue to feel secure with you guys!

Kim K. said...

I'm wiping away happy tears. They are just precious. Continued blessings with all your upcoming transitions.

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Awesome!! What treasures! I'm so glad to hear you are all having such FUN!!
-Beka =)

connie said...

oh my goodness! they could not be any more adorable!!!! love you guys!


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