Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Better and better!

Our mornings seem to have the same emotions -
Bryan and I get up and get ready for the day,
and wonder and pray we will be ready for 
whatever emotions Hagan and Griggs have for 
And they wake up...
"Mama"  "Baba"
giggle giggle giggle!

Sooooo sweet!

They both seem to be more comfortable with every step.

For the past few days Hagan was not happy about sitting 
in a high chair -
but today there has been no complaining. 
We're sure he would be trying to get up and down, 
climbing on the table and such if he wasn't in a high chair 
at meal time -
and hey, he's gotta get used to being in car seat at home anyway.

Today at breakfast Hagan tried to push buttons a bit more -
but when he was told "no",
he accepted it and moved on. 
The other day he had a piece of paper -
Bryan said, he is folding it - I think he's making an airplane -
and lo and behold -
he made a perfect paper airplane! 
Mom still can't make an airplane! 

Hagan got a new ride yesterday and loves it!
He got very upset with me today when I let Griggs in the stroller.
He hasn't cried much - 
but this is his ride 
and no one is going to take it! 

Griggsy Bear is such a cuddle bug!
He loves his quiet time with a bottle and momma. 
Nothing like cuddling with my baby! 
His foster momma says (in a write-up she did for us)
that he doesn't need to be held to fall asleep -
I beg to differ! 
Soooo thankful he and Hagan let me rock them to sleep. 

We went to the zoo for a bit today -
it was nice to get out and walk around a bit.

The boys seemed to enjoy it -

but when we got back to the hotel we hung out with 
some other adoptive families -
and the boys (and parents) had a great time playing!

We are so thankful for our new friends!


Sherri said...

PREFECT!! Love that stroller by the way.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just like God to make this trip so perfect for all of you! Praise Him for all He has done!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I'm watching your blog like a hawk for more and more updates! =)
-Beka =)

Anonymous said...

You've got some little charmers on your hands!

Glad it's going so well and pray that it continues!

And so glad you're having fun with some of the other families, too!


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