Thursday, January 31, 2013

One word...

A friend posted on FB the other day -
"give me one word what adoption means to you"

many people commented -
and many more!

I agree with all of them -
but the first word that came to my mind was
(two words would be: hard work)

Adoption is hard!

As we get more and more excited to travel to our boys 
and bring them home -
my heart also breaks for them.
They have a foster momma who has cared 
and loved them. 
They will be taken away from her.
They will leave everything comfortable.
They have already lost so much.

One of our kiddos,
who normally is "go with the flo"
kinda kid.
Ask questions when he doesn't understand,
and loves being with family -
had a hard, hard day a few days ago.

It is so hard to see my baby hurt so bad! 
He is trying to put everything together,
and simulate into this new life -
and sometimes it is just too much!

But, it is so worth it!
When he decided that he wanted to nap in my bed,
rather then napping in his bed alone -
I had tears in my eyes.
When we talked and trust and respect grew between the two 
of us - and he gave me a huge hug-
tears started flowing again. 
And when he looked at me and said,
"Momma, thank you for loving me."
Ohhh my heart!

But getting to this point is hard!
Hard for the child,
hard for the family,
hard, hard, hard...

But ohhhh sooooo worth it!


Kim said...

Thank you for that reminder for all of us!

Shonni said...

It's so true ... it is hard, a good hard, but hard.
Sweet friend, I'm glad to have friends like you to walk this road with.


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