Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One step closer...

We received news today,
that we are one step closer to our boys!
(for those in the China adoption community -
are NVC cable was sent to China)
Through Christmas and New Year's we thought
we'd never get through this process.

We now wait some more...
the next step is waiting on our Article 5!
(in about 2 weeks)

Then our Travel Approval!!!!

we wont be traveling to our boys until late February,
early March. 
 This momma and daddy are very sad.
We had soooo hoped to get to them this month.
Such a disappointment.

we trust HE has a plan for us and our boys,
and though we are horribly sad,
and cannot wait to hold our boys -
we choose to trust HIM,
and cry to HIM and HE will hold us.

Please pray for us as we wait.
 I know in the scheme of things this extra time away from 
our boys will be something of the past -
and in a few years we wont even think about it.
for now -

We just want them home!

So, sorry - 
y'all have to hear me whine for another few months. 


Yvette said...

Oh dang, I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to be delayed this last step. If I can say anything about this wait - get that stuff done around your house! Hugs my friend

Sharon said...

Ugh-so sorry for you and the boys! The waiting is so hard-and I think it gets harder the closer you get to them!


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