Friday, January 4, 2013

just what I needed...

good friends,
and silly kids!
It's the best medicine for this momma
who misses 2 of her boys ohhhh sooooo much!

We met up with Heather and her kiddo's
Liyone and Kidist!

Liyone, Dononvan and Elijah are ole' friends from Ethiopia!

Every time they are together it's back to their normal,
silly, loud, crazy, friendship!
It's the best!

But getting these silly boys to pose for a photo -
forget it!

 Then we have Miss. Poser!
who is so used to crazy brothers -
this silly Liyone doesn't even phase her!

showing off her contortionist skills!
and this is what happens when three sweet girls 
try to get together to for a photo -
silly boy! 

What a great morning! 

And since my afternoon didn't fair so well - 
(I slipped off the curb in front of our house -
and now have a badly sprained ankle and
am on crutches for a week.)
I am soooo thankful for this time with our sweet friends!

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