Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Busy Day: Part III - Kenzie

yesterday I forgot to title Conner's day 
One Busy Day: Part III - Conner
guess that just shows how busy the day was. 

Saturday evening Kenzie went to her school 
winter formal 
with her escort, Tyler.

Earlier in the week I spent time 
while she was at school -
running around the mall trying to find a dress -
I texted her some photos -
she wasn't interested in any of them.

So Kenzie, I and her posse (4 littles)
went shopping at 6pm on Friday and started shopping!
After a few stores 
and promising the posse that we would get some food after 
one more store -
we prayed that Kenz would find her dress.

And guess what dress she found...
ohhh yes, the first one I sent her a photo of days ago!
I agree with Kenz that the dress looked better on  her 
then on the hanger and definitely better then in a cell phone photo.
Next, time I will trust my gut and just get 
the one I like! 

After picking Conner up from his rehearsal,
and dropping posse off for bed -
we went out again shopping til 10pm finding her
 shoes and such...
fun times -
though Mom gets a little stressed when we
are short on time!

But, calm Kenzie wasn't worried.

And all went well!
Kenz and Tyler had a great evening and looked beautiful!
I missed the photo session because I was at Conner's
concert - so this is the only photo I have for now.

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Jay said...

Lookin' good, Mac!


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