Monday, January 28, 2013

Make a joyful noise!

Some people are just given the gift 
of making a joyful noise -
and some are gifted with making a
joyful noise in tune!

Conner is one who God has blessed with 
the ability to sing and sing well.

Earlier in the month Conner took 
a risk and tried out for All-Region choir.

Out of 400 student who tried out -
he earned a spot!

Out of 70 boys -
he earned 14th chair!
and was the only boy from his school 
who was chosen for this elite choir.

The choir had 2 rehearsals,
Friday evening and 
all day Saturday -
concert at 5pm on Saturday.

I am completely amazed by the talent of these boys!
and girls (there were two girls choirs also)

So, now for your enjoyment -
may I present 
All-Region Middle School Boys Choir 2013
singing one of their 5 songs.

(sorry for the rustling - Elijah decided to play with his jacket
and get the zipper caught! 
Never a dull moment! )


Jay said...

Congratulations, CJ. Sounds amazing! And you look pretty good too. ;)

Cousin Faith in FL said...

Wow - very impressive to be chosen for this group! Nice vocal blend & everyone looked so professional! Great job, guys!


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