Saturday, December 15, 2012


One lesson we are working on at our home -
is that we all make our own choices.

I'm a bit tired of the 
"but... he/she told me to do it!"
and my children not taking responsibility for their own actions.


The horrible tragedies of yesterday in Connecticut and China are unfathomable!
I will never be able to understand how an act like this is carried out -
but I do know -

that a person who does this must have a story,
and a very hard story. 

I wonder where the  help was that he needed 
before he choose this end.

All over facebook I see us hiding behind opinions of 
gun laws, home schooling and what part the media plays in this.
Running away from what/who is hurting us.

But, I have to ask -
who will help these hurting people - 
before a heinous act like this happens again. 

Does God not call us to help
"the least of these?" 
Does God not call us to help our neighbor?

That's not when everything is going good,
when people are in their sunday best and 
we share candy canes with fellow class mates.

God wants us to be in the trenches -
get dirty, get to know each other,
help each other -
not running from each other. 

This 20 year old boy in Connecticut who seemed to have no other answers,
needed Jesus,
and we failed to show him Jesus! 

What happened to this 36 year old man in China -
why did he think stabbing 22 children was the answer
to solve his problems?

Let's stop blaming government or anyone else 
and admit we are failing as followers of Christ.

While we continue to mourn and pray for these families in Connecticut 
and China -
ask God with me -
What do you want me to do?
Where do you want me to go?

Give a stranger a hug today! 
You never know it may change their life. 


Kathleen said...

So true.

Love your new blog design and photo, btw. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I so agree and having a daughter who suffers from mental illness my heart breaks for others that suffer and don't have the support they need. It is not about gun control but about helping those in need.

Sharon said...

I've been thinking about the Biblical response, too, Jodi. I don't think arming teachers is the answer (yes I have friends who suggest that!) I think being Jesus' hands and feet here is. We might not reach all the would-be killers, but we would know we did what we were supposed to. Thanks for writing.

Jodi said...

Anonymous - I will be praying for you and your daughter!


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