Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Chills!

Last week was a rough one!
There were a lot of emotional things happening around me -
when God asks you to be the voice for the orphan -
it is not always an easy road! 

We have had some hard situations around here lately,
not in our immediate family,
but families that we are connected with through 

And then Friday -
and it was too much! 

But God in His grace -
has covered us in HIS peace and love.

And today,
a dear friend of mine 
(who we met in China almost 4 years ago)
is off to China again -
for their 4th time! 

By Christmas day they will have added two more beautiful
daughters to their family.

I'll never forget the call my friend made to me a few months back -
"Jodi, I think God is asking us to adopt again.
Jodi, I don't think I can do this.
Jodi, tell me I'm crazy and I shouldn't do it."

We laughed -
cause if she really wanted to be talked out of it -
she wouldn't have called me! 

Their journey to their daughters Victoria and Margaret 
was orchestrated by God alone! 
And today I have chills and tears,
 knowing that my friends are 
on the journey of a life time! 
And two girls who have never known family 
They will be loved unconditionally,
they will know what it means to be daughters and sisters!
They will know God's love through their new family -
and prayerfully know God as their own savior one day.

Praising God Pam and Robert said "yes" 
to God's question -
"Will you go?"

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Yvette said...

Heehee most definitely praise!


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