Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New photos of our little man!

While we were celebrating our little man,
he was celebrated in China too!
He received the birthday cake that we sent him.

Don't you just love how China decorates their cakes?
And my favorite fruits are on it -
kiwi and dragon fruit
(that is the white and black spotted fruit)

And we got pictures!!!!
Lots of them!  

Dig in buddy!

I love the icing on his little nose
and upper lip!

A few more months of this long wait and we will be holding 
both of our boys -
forever and ever!


Sharon said...

Do they tell the boys they have a family working on getting them, or do they wait until it is more for sure so as not to disappoint? I think it's so great that you are getting these photos and updates and able to send things. My experience with overseas adoption would give me great doubts that this could take place!

Yvette said...

Heehee loving the cocktail forks - and oh I am not sure I'll be able to keep my lips off of Griggs!!

Sharon said...

I love that you got these photos-what a blessing! Stay strong in the waiting...I know it's hard.

J said...

What province is this picture from? Just curious about the lady in the pic and if she is a foster mom.

Kim O

Jodi said...

Sharon - we have not sent the boys a care package yet - but are making one up to send them. We sent a package with our photos in it too early for Jorja and it was horrible for her waiting day after day for us to show! Now that we are closer to travel we will send them each one. Their orphanage seems to be very good at taking photos and getting them to us!

Jodi said...

Kim O - They aren in Zhengzhou, Henan. And yes, we have been told that is their foster mother - do you know something I don't know? feel free to email me! :)

Kim K. said...

Precious photos. I remember carrying Josie's photos wherever I went before we traveled. Hugs!

TK said...

No, just for some reason I wondered if it could have been my son's foster mom. He was in AnYang, Henan though. I never saw pics of her face, but I did of her hands and her upper body and she was a little round like this lady. So just curious. I guess she isn't since it is about 3 hours away! But could look similiar to ladies in that area.

Kim O


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