Thursday, December 6, 2012

New experience

I just love this photo.
My boys and their foster momma having a wonderful time celebrating our son!
I love how Griggsy is cuddled up with her 
and looking so sweetly at her.

I am so thankful that my boys are being loved on so sweetly.

On the other hand,
I know my boys are going to be devastated when they have to leave
this lady they love.
I'm sure they will be grieving her big time.
In my head I am ready for this -
but my heart is already breaking for them. 

This is our first adoption which our kids have been in a foster home.
I don't know if we will meet this beautiful lady but
I want to bring her a special gift -
I'm thinking a locket that I can add the boys photos too.

Any of you been there done that momma's -
if you have any advice -
please share! 
Any ideas as to what I can get this special lady
and advise to help our boys would be greatly appreciated!

Paperwork Update:
Our paperwork has been sent to US Immigration one more time -
when we are approved there, our approval goes to China
and we wait for Article 5
and Travel Approval!!!
(which we could have in 6 weeks!)
We are on the tail end and couldn't be more happy!

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Sharon said...

What a great photo!


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