Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a lot of festivities over the past few days.

Christmas Eve is our day to celebrate Brady.
His birthday is Christmas day - 
but to make sure he gets a day,
or at least most of the day to be all about him, 
we celebrate on Christmas Eve.

We went to one of his favorite restaurants,
where we finally got to meet the waiter
that he has become friends with.


We all agree,
Mr. D is pretty cool!  And glad he was part of
our celebration dinner for Brady!
 (this is our buddy Alex -
he's home from college for break.
Sooo glad he is home!) 

and just hanging out being silly together!

After dinner we hustled to church for the Christmas Eve service.
This year the little kiddo's sang in the Children's choir. 
It was so sweet! 

We came home and had birthday cake,
and Brady opened his presents.

Happy 19th man!

Then traditionally we all opened a present from Nana.
She always gets the kids an ornament. 
A tradition we all LOVE! 

Another tradition is that on Christmas Eve all the kids 
sleep together in Brady's room - 
not sure who they will all fit next year,
we may have to move some furniture out 
to make room for Hagan and Griggs!

Early Christmas morning they were all up 
and incredibly excited!

Presents were opened, 
toys were being played with - 
and then 
a magical blessing came to us! 

This is really all Donovan wanted for Christmas -
Screaming and screaming for joy!

A white Christmas!

The local news station says this is the first white Christmas in 83 years!
And though Donovan and Elijah have seen snow before -
this is the first time they saw snow falling!
And these flakes were huge!!!

Total inches in our yard was 3 1/4!

A very merry Christmas it was for our family!
Though we missed Hagan and Griggs
soooo very much!


Adrienne said...

This just brought tears to my eyes. You just gather in and hold and love children and friends and neighbors! And it seems your oldest is a gatherer of good friends too! Blessings to all of you - and soooo special that you got SNOW!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

I was going to comment on the shorts on Christmas Eve, not our weather here, then I read on and saw your white Christmas!
We had a white Christmas too, only ours was blizzard winds and -10 wind chill. No playing in the snow for us:)
Merry Christmas!

Kim K. said...

Birthday blessings to your handsome son. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas in all that lovely snow.

Jawed Ali said...

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