Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A girl can hope and pray!

We are so close to hearing those beautiful sweet words...

"Travel Approval"!

Though it may be a stretch,
 we are praying to be leaving by
January 25th or 26th.

We need to leave by then in order to be out of China by
 Chinese New Year!

China shuts down their government offices for 
a week for CNY,
and our guides take two weeks off 
for  CNY.

If we don't travel by January 25th -
(that's 29 days from now!)
we wont be traveling until February 25 or 26th at the earliest.
(though it's only another 31 days longer -
it seems like forever!)

We have called Griggs "son" for 324 days

and sweet Hagan 
we have called him "son" for 173 days
(not that we are counting or anything :)

We cannot wait to hold them both in our arms.
To love them and to promise that we will never leave them.

And though,
we are $10,000 short on our fundraising
(if y'all have any other fundraising ideas - we're all ears!)
and whether we travel in January or February
we know that God will bring us to them,
and HE will bring them home!

We sure would appreciate your prayers as we prepare 
for this last leg of waiting. 
The wait is getting the best of me!
I've turned into a crazy momma, 
not wanting to leave my computer
in case I receive and important email!

Thanks y'all for your support and encouragement 
throughout this journey!
We truly appreciate y'all!


Sharon said...

Oh, I remember how these governments close down. I will pray with you!

quilt'n-mama said...

praying for TA! And for God's Provision!


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