Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guess what I bought?

I asked my facebook friends to guess what I bought today -

seems my friends think the way I do -
many guesses were -
plane tickets!
Ohhh how I wish!
Not for a few months :( 

There were a few guesses of a big ole' van -
or how Heather puts it - a bus!
That is on our list of wants but not needs -
 we can make it with hopping over seats to get to the back,
and taking the extra time to get everyone settled,
and even sometimes taking 2 vehicles to get to one destination -
but that's okay.

One friend guessed new beds.
And though we have our eye on a bunk bed set at Ikea -
we are good for now -
we have a toddler bed and a crib that will go in our room
until we feel the boys are ready to move into their room.
(most nights will be a bit crowded in our room - 
as Elijah has decided he feels much safer in momma's room. :)
and if Elijah comes, Donovan comes, and if Donovan comes...
Jailyn comes. :) 
Thank God Jorja is good to sleep in her room with Kenzie!
(now if I could get the dogs out of our room :) 


This past week I have been following my friend, Yvette
through her blog -
as she travels to China and is bringing home 
her precious son, Griffen!

Griffen is a few months older then Griggs.

As I read Yvette's blog posts -
I realize -
"hey! This is me in a few months!
I'm bringing home a baby!"

It's been almost 6 years since we brought home a baby!

Though Griggs is 2 years old,
(to me 2 year olds are still babies),
Especially when we are bonding with each other 
and close body contact is a must! 

today, while Kenzie, Conner, Jailyn and I were at Target -
we picked out a few things! 
Diapers and baby bottles.
Ohhhh my lands! 
Cause we're bringing home a baby!

And we saw these shirts -
and couldn't resist!

and the little capes on the back! 

I can't wait to see my sweet boys in their super hero shirts!

I have spent this Thanksgiving weekend cleaning and cleaning -
making room for our sweet boys!

I'm glad the nesting is already started! 
I have a lot to do to get organized to bring them home! 

1 comment:

Yvette said...

Heehee oh love the shirts and yeah I had a duh moment today. Thought I was doing good with wipes, diapers and snacks going to the safari park ..... Forgot the need for a change of clothes ugh - luckily it was a way wet diaper LOL


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