Friday, September 7, 2012

When tattling = bonding

Who would have thought that a child's 
constant tattling 
could make a momma feel at peace. 


Until God gave me some much needed quiet time with 
my little boy.

He had been doing much better over the last few months -
not fighting authority as much,
and using his words when asked a question 
rather then,
not running off screaming. 

But, the last few days have been rough for him.
I'm not sure what is happening,
and why he is showing his stubborn side so often.

As we snuggled and talked today
and he finally fell asleep, 
I prayed and prayed for patience with this little man.
Patience to teach him how to obey,
how to respect,
and how to be sweet.

But, I was reminded that my sweet boy still does not 
know how to regulate his emotions. 

He is still in the habit of fighting 
and fleeing 
whatever he doesn't like,
or whatever doesn't go his way.
My baby who will be 5 in a few months
 still needs to be watched and entertained 
like a 2 year old. 

But, when he comes to tattle on someone who wronged him,
I need to look at this as a positive and not get exhausted 
from the constant tattling. 
But, rather, find the joy in the fact that he 
is not fighting his brothers and sisters -
but reaching out to momma.
And finding hope that this "momma" lady will take care of him.

(believe me, his tattling is not always justified,
in fact, it usually isn't -
but it can always be a chance to build our bond
as momma and son! 


Yvette said...

Also he is realizing their are rules that govern a family - that is huge! Ok WHAT is he doing in the pics?!?! Hugs, it is hard. raying you are feeling better.

Jodi said...

Amen Yvette!!! And to "what is he doing in the pictures?" Well, you know my "water boy"! Sidewalk chalk and water! Great combo don't you think! We were at a church social and he was a bit overwhelmed - he finds such comfort in water! So he had a good time! :)

quilt'n-mama said...

Glad you are feeling better. Our little guy sounds so much like yours... how I pray for our little man and what he has experienced. Thanks for sharing about yours:)
Hey, we might be heading your way next weekend rather unplanned we'll know later this week.


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