Saturday, September 15, 2012

I think he enjoyed his day!

Unfortunately, the morning was chaotic but 
Elijah handled it in stride 
and was overly excited to get to school yesterday!

He came home,
got off the bus and said,
"Do I have presents?"

"you betcha' but let's wait til the big kids get home."

Thinking Jorja, Donovan would be home in about 15 minutes -
maybe he could wait for them at least.

But, after a quick chat with Uncle JB -
he was off examining his presents 
and before I knew it...

he had begun opening. 

Oh well!

Donovan and Jorja were plenty excited to help him
put his toys together! 
and join in the play time! 

We made pizza for dinner
(Elijah's favorite) 

and then CAKE!!!! 

Happy Birthday sweet boy! 

(though he has been wearing this shirt all year -
it's his favorite, 
I have tried to hide it and he finds it every time.
He can officially wear it all year!!!! 

Soooo proud to be 5!!!!

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