Monday, August 6, 2012

What's one to do...

What's one to d...
When we planned to spend the day at the 
swimmin' hole  -
but one of littles had to get her eyes dilated 
which meant -
we all needed to stay in doors.

We were so thankful for big sister, Kenzie,
who came to the rescue!
(Cause it's close to the end of the summer and 
momma doesn't have many more tricks up her sleeve!)

As she is putting together her own 
face painting business -
we have a few very excited models for her 
to work on!

Precious puppy!

Fierce Lion!

Animal Trainer Extraordinair

And board games are always great too!!

And, yes, 
little Elijah is missing -
he had a nice, long, nap! 

So that's what we do with 105 degree days -
and we can't go 

Tomorrow - 
we are off to that beautiful swimmin' hole!


Diane said...

Great job, Kenzie!

Jay said...

Nice work, Kenzie! You are so talented!


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