Sunday, August 5, 2012

soccer, soccer, soccer...

Last weekend was a BIG soccer weekend!

Kenzie's team was in a Qualifying Tournament
to play up a league from where they have played for the
past 4 years!

So, you may ask?

What do the little kids do at a soccer tournament
3 soccer games = sitting through, 
30 minute warm-ups (at least),
75 minute games,
15 minute wrap up from Coach,
temperatures of 110 degrees.
x 3

Well, let me show you...

we hid from the sun under these...

and take silly photos with mom's phone.

We cheer sissy on!
Go Kenzie!!!

We color, and play with our cars, and trains.

And, we roll cold water bottles down our legs 
to keep us chilled!

And we were so excited that Kenzie's team won!
They did great!
And they move on to the big leagues this season!

And we didn't have to play another weekend! 

Go Manchester 96G's!

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