Friday, August 17, 2012

Griggs eats cake too!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!

And he shared with Hagan!

Sweet Hagan being patient!

Dig in boys!

Does it get any cuter? 

Ohhh, that grin!!!
and those eyes!!!!

Sweet, precious family photo with their 
Foster Mom!
Thank you for loving on our sweet boys!!

I just can't stand it! 
Come on paperwork!!! 
I want to hold these amazing boys sooooo badly!!


Shelby said...

Hi Jodi, I recently found your blog...I love it!! I've been following Stefanie's blog (NiHao Y'all) for awhile...and it's great to see "Gus's" (now your precious Griggs's!) new family!! Those boys are ADORABLE!!! Can't wait for you to hold them!!

Yvette said...

JODI (said jumping up and down) I am so beyond excited for you guys! Ugh I don't know which is harder - a whole process with NO pics or one with lots of pics! I can't believe how amazing the boys look! So dang cute!

April said...

OH MY GOSH! These pictures are PRICELESS! Love them! I love them feeding cake to each saying forever and always we are brothers!

Shonni said...

They are so darn cute! And feeding each other - PRECIOUS. I can’t wait for you to have them in your arms.


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