Friday, August 17, 2012


Please explain this one to me!

I couldn't get the youtube to post here)

Are you kidding Pat?

This is disgusting!

We can visit the orphans
and "help" them
and "minister" - 
you don't need to take on another persons problems.


I'm so thankful that Christ didn't feel this way 
when his Father asked him
to lay his life down,
die on the cross 
for me.

If we are Christians 
and are followers of Christ -
we better be taking on other peoples problems!


Shelly said...

OMG! I just cried at that interview. I don't understand....

Sharon said...

I'm very saddened by some of the stances taken by "right wing" supposed Christians--they have bought into a very selfish idea of what God wants for us and not so much what He wants from us.


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