Tuesday, July 24, 2012


During a conference this past year by Dr. Karyn Purvis,
she said something that I guess I knew -
but never heard it phrased this way.

She explained that our children 
from hard places are 

Yes, they are! 
These children have come home having suffered 
They have seen and experience things that
most of us cannot even comprehend.

Many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
(we have two in our house).

This is why we use the word 
the price paid for release from captivity.
when we refer to the fundraising need for our adoption fees.

You see,
our boys are prisoners in their orphanage.
Even though they are in better care then most orphans,
and we are thankful for the care they are receiving,
this is still not the care of a family, our family.

They are not cuddled like they need to be.
They are not fed when they need to be.
They spend w.a.y. too much time in their cribs.
They do not have choices of what to wear for the day,
or what they want to eat.
This is not a full life -
this is imprisonment.
Of course, they are not imprisoned for anything they did,
but a fee is needed to be paid 
for their sweet release.

People say that children are resilient,
and yes they are -
to a point.
The definition of resilient is:
Able to withstand or recover quickly from 
difficult conditions.
Recovery does not come easily to all these kids.
and some hide it for years.
The truth is we need to act,
the Body of Christ needs to move!
These children have done nothing to deserve this!

This situation is a crisis!
A crisis that these children are living and fighting
through everyday!
Some physically survive,
some emotionally survive,
some emotionally DO NOT survive,
some physically DO NOT survive.

This momma's heart is aching every day more and more -
for 147 million children
who need to be loved,

Thank you Jesus for holding them in your arms
until we can get families for ALL of them.

They need to get home!!! 

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Shelly said...

Such truth so beautifully written. From our lips to God's ear.
Love you all!


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