Wednesday, July 11, 2012

God is sooooo cool!!!

This week 
I have had some time to sit back and reflect on how far 
God has brought our family.

I am still just amazed that God has asked us 
to parent two more kiddo's.
Thankful but amazed! 

I mean,
we are not amazing parents.
We make many mistakes! 
I think the older I get -
and the more parenting experience I have under my belt -
the more I realize I need to ask forgiveness 
to my children for my mistakes.

HE just cracks me up! 

One thing people have been asking us 
for the last few years, 
and last few adoptions -
are you going to get a bigger house.

Well... NO!
Our house isn't huge,
it was perfect size when we purchased it 15 years ago,
for 2 adults and 2 kiddos.

Five almost seven kids later -
guess what?

We still fit! 
A little tight? 
But we fit! 

One reason we bought this house when we did -
was because the bedrooms were large. 
And guess what - 
now those bedrooms are being used to their maximum! 
How cool is God! 

15 years ago we didn't know that we would have 
the kids rooms full of bunk beds -
but what a blessing -
all the beds and dressers fit! 

He was already looking out for us -
before we even knew we would need the extra space! 

HE is sooooo cool!!!

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