Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Amazing Donovan!

This big, little guy is referred to around this house as 

The  Amazing Donovan!

He is soooo sweet and caring,
strong and gentle,
shy and silly.

He has embraced us as his new family 
with open arms. 
It's not very often that he argues 
or fights our authority,
but trusts us more then we thought possible
during this first year of transitions.

He has taken school and academics on by storm!

Catching up with the other kids in school 
has not always been easy -
but he has not quit! 
He loves to learn!

He has settled into our family nicely,
Thank God! 
There have been growing pains but nothing
too crazy!

But this I tell you  -
this boy has one huge heart!

This boy who a year ago -
would argue with me that Jorja and Jailyn were NOT his sisters.
Of course, they weren't, according to his definition 
of sisters.
He has family back in Ethiopia - 
those were his siblings. 
But, today he knows that we are all family -
even our extended families in Ethiopia and China. 

The other night at bedtime Donovan hugged me and said,
you need to go to China!
You need to bring my brothers home!"

Sweet! Sweet boy! 
He will be such a good big brother! 

I just love my Donovan!

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