Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where did the year go?

It seems like just yesterday we 
took our kindergarten kiddos to 
school for the very first time!

And today we celebrate their Kindergarten accomplishments!

We are so very thankful for 
 loving teachers and principals 
who walked every step with us -

sometimes holding our hands 
and sometimes letting us make our own choices -
and learning through them!

We celebrate the friendships we have made!

My babies are growing up
and are loving learning!

We are truly blessed 
to have been chosen to be 
Donovan and Jailyn's parents! 


Yvette said...

I absolutely love the picture of the ?principal with Jailyn AND the one of Donovan and Tate!

Kim K. said...

What a joyous year of milestones. We're almost done with kindergarten too. 1 more week! Beautiful pics.


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