Monday, May 7, 2012

Sensory FUN!

Jailyn has been begging to share this activity 
with her brothers.

Not sure if there would be cool-whip flying 
across the table -
we waited until now -
and they did great! 

Not everyone was as excited as Jailyn to 
get their hands in to this 
cold cool whip!

Jorja thinks finger tips are good enough!

She's come along way with this sensory experiment!

Elijah thought it was pretty awesome that he could make a mess
with momma's permission! 

Donovan soon got into the groove!

and Jailyn...
she LOVES this game!

 even if eating too much gives her a tummy ache!

And Jorja...
"Can I wash my hands now Momma?"

Conner walked in on us -
and walked right back out!

Little kids playing with colored Cool-Whip is not for the 
queasy stomach!


Sharon said...

Looks fun!

Kim K. said...

Josie will be right over!


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