Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Have you ever been touched by someone?
someone so special?
Even though you have never met 
this person face to face?

There is one little girl 
in Ethiopia who's story has touched me in this special way.
ohhh how I wish I could show you her photo,
she is just beautiful!
I just can't get her off my mind,
and I want to fight for her 
and help her!

This little Baby E was abandoned at birth
at the medical clinic.
She was born a parasitic twin,
a form of conjoined twinning in which the second twin does 
not fully develop and does not survive.
In Baby E's case, 
this has resulted in her having two extra legs 
at her right hip, and two additional,
partially developed hands.  
Other than her significant limb differences, 
Baby E appears to be completely healthy;
her primary two legs are fully formed and appear functional;
her upper body is not involved.

For now Baby E is in the care of our Ethiopian Agency,
International Adoption Net.
Baby E's care fee's will be significant,
travel to and from Ethiopia for treatment,
foster care expenses, adoption costs,
and of course medical treatment.

To help her a wonderful friend and 
fellow adoptive momma, Charisa
has set up a fundraiser of 
coffee sales!

Sooo - if you drink coffee -
and would like to help Baby E 

go here  to Just Love Coffee!

and purchase a few lbs of coffee! 

And pray! 
I know there are a few families interested in learning more 
about her situation!

Praying that her family is found very soon!

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