Monday, March 19, 2012

Giddy just giddy!

Over the last few months we have
been through a screening and evaluation process
for our sweet Elijah
to attend a wonderful, specialized pre-school
in town.

This school would help in so many ways,
so through each process we have prayed and prayed -
we think it would be beneficial to our son.

Today Elijah had another evaluation,
and mom had more paperwork to fill out...

At the end of the evaluation we were told
that they WILL be recommending Elijah for the program,
and they are excited to help him,
and support us -
as he works through his issues that 
have helped him survive in his past,
but are not appropriate behavior in a family/home setting.

We are so very excited 
and so very thankful that God 
has lead us to this much needed help!


Cari said...

awe that's great Jodi!
do they have that for teenagers...just kidding...well maybe. :)

Sharon said...

So, so happy that you are approved and praying that it will be super helpful for your whole family!


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