Monday, March 26, 2012


With one first grader,
and two kindergarteners we talk about seasons A.L.O.T.

Why are there seasons?
What do things change in the seasons?

which gets me to thinking...
What are the seasons of life?
and why do people use seasons as an excuse?
Why do people say -
"oh, that's just not the season I'm in right now."

Believe me, I just said it a few weeks ago.
Though I think why I said it was justified,
but really is it?

See, we had been given an opportunity to volunteer
at a nearby shelter.
The shelter will not allow anyone under 12 to volunteer.

The evening the shelter needs volunteers Bryan and Kenzie
have soccer practice,
and Brady is still at work at the time we are needed.
That leaves Conner and I with the little ones.

So, if they don't allow anyone under 12 -
that only allows for Conner and I,
and well,
we can't leave the little ones at home alone,
I could try to get a sitter for them but
that defeats the purpose of us wanting to do this as a family,
or at least a large part of the family.

So, I responded,
"I guess it's not our season for this."

But, really, did I look at all the options?
Did I make this opportunity a priority?
am I ready to give up -
and forget about it?
without really praying for other options?

Are you in a season in your life where you are comfortable.
To me,
comfortable is not a good thing.
Comfortable = Couch Potato
Being comfortable in my season leads to complacency!

Thankfully I have lots of little ones who don't let me get too
but even more I am thankful that God doesn't want me to be 
He gives me strength day to day to keep going.
If you think, God is asking something of you,
but you think you are ill-equipped -
you're right! 
But guess what,
God isn't!
and HE will equip you!

Go for it and trust HIM!
Trust HIM in the hard things! 
Romans 10:11 
"As Scripture says, 
"Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame."

1 comment:

Yvette said...

Just what I needed today thank you - why is it so much easier to make good sounding excuses then to jsut go with His plan?


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