Saturday, March 24, 2012

Enter Officer "Mo"

After big sisters soccer game last night,
which I will highlight later this next week
(lots of photos to go through!),

We saw a police officer
and of course we stopped to say "hi".

I told the officer that whenever Elijah
sees a police car or firetruck go by
he says 
"That's my favorite!"

Well, she couldn't resist!
 and who could resist that face!

She offered the kids some coloring books.

As she was passing out coloring books,
and the kids asked to bring some books home for sister Jorja 
who had decided to stay home,

Elijah was so excited he just couldn't stand still...

 Officer Mo 
offered to show the kids the inside of the car - 

yes son, that is where you don't want to do time-out!

Ohhhh WOW!!! 

Donovan's smile was a big as Elijah's!
Donovan says he wants to be a police officer
in Texas. 

Elijah was able to turn the police car lights on.

He was beside himself!

Donovan was able to turn them off!

Jailyn kept her distance in fear that her silly brothers may
turn on the siren,
and hurt her "red, inflamed eardrum" 
(as she refers to her ear infection)

What a wonderful end to a fun evening out 
climbing soccer stadium stands
and being the halftime show 
(no script needed - just being ourselves)
at big sisters high school soccer game!

Thank you Officer Mo for taking the time to share 
with my kids! 
You are sooooo cool!!!

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Kim K. said...

How neat! I bet this event will go down in history as one of the coolest activities EVER!


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