Friday, February 10, 2012

keeping it "Old School" and give-a-way

Y'all have brought us to tears!

All the comments, FB messages,
texts, emails, phone calls!

Tears of joy that God is totally in control of our journey
and will guide us the entire way!

We've also thought maybe we will keep our 
3000 friends "Old School".
Meaning - we just loved hearing from y'all
and with PayPal we're afraid we will lose that connection -
we're gonna do this old school -

through personal contact, 
and snail mail. 
(we'd hope y'all don't mind but if we can thank you in person
we'd rather do that!)

If you would like to be one of our 3000 friends-
you can email me at 
comment here, or
comment of FaceBook.
(for y'all who have already contacted us -
I will get back with you today - 
yesterday was a day of many kid activities -
so mom was taxi driver :)

Thank y'all sooo much! 
I'm already dying for new photos and information on my baby!! 

don't forget -
 today is the last day to get your name in the drawing 
for the book 
by Kyle Idleman

not a fan.

be sure to become a friend and 
leave a comment here!
We will announce the winner tomorrow!


Cari said...

just sent you an email! :)

Kim K. said...

I'll be sending you an email too. I'm not sure I saved your postal address from our other postal exchanges and I'd like to help too.


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