Thursday, February 9, 2012

I know...

We are still in shock!

God has been working in our hearts to do more for the ophan - 
but we were thinkin' -
maybe a cool website,
put together some videos,
reaching out to potential adoptive parents,
supporting parent and adoptees after they are united...

you know, something we can control! 

Ha!Ha! We are so thankful He is in control!

After 4 adoptions in 5 years our bank account for adoption fees is 
So, not only will this journey be one of humbling ourselves but of complete trust that God will provide ALL of the fees needed to ransom our son
and bring him home!

It would only take 3,000 friends to donate $10!
(not sure if we have 3,000 friends -
but God does!) 

We plan to set up a pay pal account ASAP,
but are experiencing some kinks -
if you would like to be on of our 3,000 friends 
your more then welcome to leave a comment or email
and I can fill you in on more details.

Thank you so much for sharing in our excitement
and joining our journey to our sweet, sweet boy! 



crumptified said...

As a follower of your blog, I have fallen in love with your beautiful family, and I am so excited that you will be bringing Gus home! He is a DOLL! Happy to send $10 your way, just let me know how. :)

Alyson said...

Count me in!!! I know you guys and your hearts to follow God has affected WELL over 3000 people!! Let me know where to send a check!! My Tuly Blessed short is getting kind of worn out...any chance there will be another shirt fundraiser for Gus' adoption fees? :-)

Sharon said...

Amazing hearts, strength, and obedience in action in your home.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Congratulations! Gus is precious as ever!

Wouldn't it be grand if we could get 3000 friends to donate $10 each month to help families bring home their little ones? Such a small thing could make such a HUGE difference!

I would love to be one of the first to donate $10 to bringing home your little guy!

Love and blessings,

connie said...

Count me IN!!! Love you, sweet friend!

Heather BT said...

Count me in my friend!

Shasta said...

I'm a friend for certain! Count me in!


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