Friday, February 17, 2012


I tried to set the timer for this post to post on Friday,
but it didn't work - oh well,
needless to say I am back from my conference -
and can't wait to share with y'all all about it! 
(wishing now I had made it a priority to attend years ago!)

I really shouldn't be sitting at my computer right now -
I have to get the house cleaned,
laundry done,
get showered...
and get packing! 
(Yes, I'm getting away with some girlfriends for the weekend -
going to the Empowered to Connect Conference!)

But, something weighs on my heart and I really need to share 
my thoughts with y'all!

I get very sad when a celebrity dies.
I grieve for their family,
for their kiddo's.

It makes me even more sad for the fans
who are lost
because of the passing of their "hero".

I, especially in these times,  grieve for those who 
have no one grieving for them.

Those whose last breath goes unnoticed.
They die in the corner of a room,
or in the loneliness of their crib.
where no one seems to even notice.
Those who have no name,
who tried to survive on their own -
with no one to care for them.

They have never known praise.
No one has cheered them on.
No one cries for them.

This is what breaks my heart.

Does it break yours?

God calls us to care for the poor.
To not show favoritism.
He does not ask us to do this once a year,
You know,
the Angel Tree at Christmas time
was a great thing,
and so was the Operation Christmas Child shoe box -
but really,
Christ did not say do this once a year -
we are to die to ourselves.

so here I am,
examining myself and not really liking what I see.


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