Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waiting on the sidelines

This week our house has been filled with football
and lots of Sports Center!

I just have to say -
(but that is another post!) 

A different scene hit me hard today.
I was on the bike at the gym
(again, another post  - comedic post)
watching the conveniently located TV screen 
right in front of me.

I was watching Sports Center,
they were showing highlights of the  
LSU vs Bama Championship game.

A player got hurt on a good play.
(sorry I'm not a sport commentator)
I cringed when he tried to get up 
as he was not able to put any pressure on his left leg.
Through his anguish I could feel the pain,
but the pain on his face, the tears flowing 
were not because of his leg. 

The pain was because he knew he was going to be out
for the rest of the game.
The game he had been waiting to play in for so long,
all the work that he put into preparation for this one game.
The weight lifting,
the running,
giving his 110% at each practice and games before.


One injury and he was done.


The Holy Spirit hit me hard -
right there in a crowded gym,
minding my own business watching TV.

He said,
"Are you in tears because you want to get into the game?
Are you aching to get right with God?
Are you willing to work through the pain?
Are you willing to let God prepare you 
for what HE wants to do with you?

are you sitting in the stands,
hot dog and beer in hand,
cheering God on?"


Kim K. said...

What a beautiful heart-felt post, Jodi. Love every word.

connie said...

wow! that is awesome!!!!

Cari said...

wow...that's a powerful "kick in the butt" motivator, Jodi! thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Love it!!!


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