Saturday, January 7, 2012

Father and son!

I just love this photo -

Donovan just loves his daddy.

A few weeks ago,
Donovan was playing, got up from his activities,
walked over to Bryan,
hugged his leg and said,

"I love you.
You are a nice Daddy."

Melt my heart! 
Our sweet son,
 was the man of the house -
he has taken care of his little brother for 
way too long.
Then we came into their lives -
more questions and fear for our boy.

We are so thankful that God is healing his hurts,
and he is able to trust 
and love us.

His favorite things about Christmas vacation were
spending time with daddy,
and that Santa brought him an electric tooth brush -
"just like daddy"!


Kim K. said...

Definitely a heart-melting moment. Beautiful picture.

Kathy said...

So sweet! Bless his little heart!
Love seeing the work of our Father's
healing touch in our sweet little one's


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