Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can't get enough

I've decided to post this precious face again!

Cause I just can't get enough of him!
I just want to kiss those sweet cheeks!

Please pray with me that his mommy and daddy will
contact Lisa today to inquire more about him!


Here is some more information on little Gus!

What a little cutie! Due to Gus being diagnosed with Pygmyism, it is reported that he has shorter legs and arms than other children of his age. Gus is "fat and fair, strong and lovely". Gus has similar motion development of his limbs as other children. He can crawl. He can sit alone sometimes. He can stand with hands on the caretaker or on the wall. He is "deft" in the motion of hands and feet. He can grasp or hold things. He can play with toys and move in the walker. He has good coordination. At the time of this report, Gus could cry and smile, but could not speak. It is reported he could utter sounds like "gu-gu" when the caretakers speak to him. He can also babble when he plays by himself to express his emotions. Compared with other children, he has normal development. He can understand the facial expressions of adults and can imitate sounds, laugh aloud, and have reaction when called. It is reported that Gus has normal hearing and sight development and is sensitive to sounds. He is curious about the sounds in the room and can seek the person according to the sounds he hears. He can see things 5-6 meters away and can see the pictures on the wall. He has reactions to moving objects and can seek toys when dropped. He has not had a severe disease since admission.  

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